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Full Version: Resurrection V8 official release!
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For the past few years, this update was a promise. A promise that was made by multiple devloping teams but there was always something going wrong that stops the process.
In early 2017, the managment along with the scripters decided to start the project again and build it once and for all. Despite all the negativity and lack of resources we had, we've spent huge efforts and hundreds of hours building it up. It was indeed worth it. Stability, uniqueness, performance and modernity are the base we've built it on.
Here comes the time we all have been waiting for. Resurrection version 8, will be officially released on Thursday, April 19th 2018.

A new Control Panel that is made to be used by the admins and players themselves will be released along with the gamemode.

See what's new in the V8 Public Changelog.

A general pardon was done as well, check this topic for more information.

Note: there is a very slight chance of the VIP shop being down because it is not 100% done yet. However, this is a temporary situation that will be sorted soon and you will be informed about it.

Invite your friends, family and everybody else! Enjoy your times and have fun you all!
Nice, I just spilled Coca-Cola on the keyboard.
Nice Smile
congratulations,well done!
هاف فن اول؟ استحي ع حالك
This is a BIG thing for the community and an example of how the current staff team are committed to the long-term development of the community. Congratulations to the staff and also the players of 2011 who still playing here, we finally get it boys!
very gj lets see how this goes
I love this, nice work.
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