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Full Version: LS-CnR Update 2.60 is Released!
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   Go and play now !

Hello there players. We just released 2.60 update , we are perfectly aware that Cnr has a lot of holes in it for decent amount of times. As you can see, lately its just more than one person that's dealing with all of the bug harness and other features that would need to be added, improved or fixed. With that being said, here's the list of features that 2.60 update brings us.


-The overall damage syncing has been significantly improved - nearly all of your shots will now hit even against players who have higher pings than normal. (300 - 600 ping)
-A packet loss limit of 3.0 has been added to kick players the moment they surpass that limit.
-Server-side Damage Informer has been added.
-Players will have an animation upon dying now.
-New custom mapping has been added to the following Gang Zones: Construction Zone, Ocean Docks, Drug Factory, Mall, Apartments & Beach Gym.
-New EMT & Paramedic base mapped by Myythe.
-Assassins & Reapers can no longer detonate bombs while tazed, cuffed or arrested.
-The Chainsaw now breaks after 2 kills to bring it in line with other weapons and balance it due to  the new syncing.
-Players won't be able to get killed by heli-blades anymore.

Credits to weapon-config.
Anyone under the resolution of 1280x1024 might see a weird healthbar height but that will be sorted asap.

Also, some more bugs will be fixed for tonight (e.g. some gangzones and crim bugs)
Well done, good work
Good job, and thanks for the mappers and bla bla bla
Good Good 

                                                              Respect your haters,they are the only ones
                                                            who think you are the best.
Also, give some respect to the mappers who did their efforts to map these nice zones. Hope you like 'em.
(14-04-2018, 20:24)[C5]RadioActive Wrote: [ -> ]Also, give some respect to the mappers who did their efforts to map these nice zones. Hope you like 'em.

What about New Carshowroom
Yeeeha! Chainsaw nerf! Fk u Vutromir!!!!
Good job
Well, special thanks to the mappers.
good job.
Great job.
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