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Full Version: V8 is now live!
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Resurrection version 8 has been officially released! Join the battlefield and enjoy the real war!

HostName: • CODE5 • Resurrection • • TDM
Players:  21 / 500
Ping:     107
Mode:     C5 GMC 1.0
Language: English (The REAL Original)

A new user control panel has been released as well! You can use it to manage and view your account and VIP shop stats!      
This is a temporary link that will be changed after a while.
Changing user names is currently disabled.

No need to do account transferes, just log in with your v7 name! Your stats will be transfered automagicly!

Credits to Rocky for scripting and Igor for the CP.
Good job
Good job
(20-04-2018, 02:15)SumiYa Wrote: [ -> ]Hurray!
not bad
(20-04-2018, 02:55)FleX_ Wrote: [ -> ]
(20-04-2018, 02:15)SumiYa Wrote: [ -> ]Hurray!
You forgot to mass email pm
Video doesnt work !!
congratulations everyone
Cz everyone!!
(20-04-2018, 02:08)Dust Wrote: [ -> ]

i am a part of the Starks. sorry

Very good job V8 team!
(20-04-2018, 03:36)Omar Wrote: [ -> ]Video doesnt work !!
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