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Full Version: 2018 Clan Tournament preparations
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The reason I'm making this topic is to make sure we'll get a sufficient amount of clans to participate. So that being said, I'd like to know which and how many clans are going to participate. Please reply here (preferably the leaders) and tell whether your clan is going to participate or not. Note that clans from outside our community are allowed to participate as well.
Just mention your clan name, we are not registering clans/members yet. We only need to know whether we should host this tournament with a good amount of clans or not.

Host location:

Tournament Managers:
We're looking to hire 2 tournament managers that could be either normal players or admins to manage this CT. However, it will be completely under high levels' supervision so anything happening will be under control. Those 2 will be a guy from CnR and a guy from RR. They will be temporarily set as admins in RR to make the job easier for them.
Their job is basically making all needed topics, keeping the players updated, organize the matches and stay in a contact with me/rest of higher levels. They will not be doing anything before discussing it with a higher level so have no worries.
I'm doing this because I'm not always available and not always able to touch my PC so I'll need to stay in a contact with those managers.

Tournament managers have not been decided yet. Please reply here if you think you are capable enough of being a tournament manager.

Forum prizes: A forum award for the top 3 clans. Award icons can be provided and designed by the clan itself.
One month forum VIP subscription for the top1 clan participants.

In-game prizes: Those prizes can be given either in RR or CnR which is to be decided by the clan leader. The clan leader also has the right to divide the prizes on his clan participants.
1st place: 15000 scores & 15000000$.
2nd place: 10000 scores & 10000000$.
3rd place: 7000 scores & 7000000$.

Let's see how many clans are in. Otherwise we won't be able to start this up.
I want to see DELTA play if they still alive
Agents of Death B)
SF <<<<< Angel
I would like to propose for the tournament manager position.
B2K in.
ST will play.
Werent you going to give out actual money?
(02-06-2018, 14:43)[COD5]Hamdii Wrote: [ -> ]B2K in.

who tf is you? b2k isn't in
Can we choose CnR clans/factions?
Idk but if FTP is active i'm in!
I'd like to be manager (cnr)
I'm still waiting for answer.
(02-06-2018, 16:17)face Wrote: [ -> ]I'd like to be manager (cnr)

(02-06-2018, 16:17)face Wrote: [ -> ]I'd like to be manager (RR) 
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