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Official Facebook/Twitter/Steam group/pages
CODE5 Gaming Social Media Pages/Groups

Although the CODE5 Gaming Community forums is the best place to communicate, get help, and hear the latest news; You can follow/like/join the following links.


CODE5 Private Facebook Group (Most Popular)
Website URL:
Description: This group requires to be accepted to join, although anyone can join. This group allows for easy sharing of images and quick questions that might not require a forum post on our main community forums. There is also polls and contests that members may join in that they wouldn't normally be able to unless they are part of that group.

CODE5 Facebook Page
Website URL:
Description: This is CODE5's most recent addition to the social media pages. We will post a more detailed version of news and announcements on here. For a shortened version please follow our twitter page (below).


CODE5 Steam Group
Website URL:
Description: This group is very similar to our Facebook group. This allows very easy access to our other game servers like Just Cause 2 discussion. Posted on here is also CODE5 news and special announcements.

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Remember to join the CODE5 Gaming Steam group to stay more connected with the community and to get special announcements for events and other games!
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