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What are VIP Shops and how to use them?
What are VIP Shops?
The VIP Shops are fully automated platforms where you can buy score, money, remove deaths, set donor ranks, ... and many more with real money.
Instead of making a donation and wait hours or even days to get rewards, you can now instantly deposit money in your VIP Shop account and instantly buy or activate the items inside the VIP Shop.
Each server has it's own VIP Shop. You can find the redirections to your favorite server's VIP Shop as child boards in the VIP Section or you can browse to them directly:
Total War:

How to register?
Go to the VIP Shop of the server you want to buy items for.
Login with your ingame login credentials. (your nickname and ingame password)
The VIP Shop will require you to enter a valid email address to confirm the registration.
NOTE: Users of free email services like gmail, hotmail, live, ... do not receive those confirmation mails!
You can only set an email address once! If you do not receive the confirmation mail within a few minutes contact us for assistance.

How to use the VIP Shop?
Once your account is confirmed. You can deposit money on your account to buy items or activate donor ranks.
Some examples of items you can buy:
[Image: shopitems.png]
Discounts on image may no longer apply*

NOTE: When you buy something in the VIP Shop, make sure you are nog logged in on the gameserver! You may loose things if you do anyway.
Technically, the system will prevent you from buying items when it detects you ingame.

What methods are available to deposit money?
The quickest ways are Paypal and Onebip, if you use these methods inside the VIP Shops, credits will be added instantly!
We're also looking to integrate Payza as well.
Additionally, you can make a normal bank transfer. Contact us for details on this method.
You can add credits by clicking "Add Credits" on your VIP Shop profile.

What are Credits?
Credits are the real amount in cash (currency = Euro) multiplied by 100.
This means if you want to buy an item that costs 100 credits, you need to deposit 1 euro.
You can add credits by clicking "Add Credits" on your VIP Shop profile.

What are Loyalty Credits?
Loyalty Credits is the total amount you have deposited in the past. These Credits will never decrease and remain on your account unless stated otherwise.
If you have 1000 Loyalty Credits and 'activate' something that requires 1000 Loyalty Credits you will still have those Loyalty Credits after 'activation'.
You can compare Loyalty Credits with "saving/bonus points". They can be used to activate a donor rank or extra features if available.

I have donated in the past but don't have the Loyalty Credits, can I have them?
Sorry, donations claims were out for quite a while. It's an endless task to re-confirm all past donations so we do a fresh start in this Shop.
By this means, if you donated in the past you can't have your loyalty credits re-added again in any VIP shop, even if you provide valid proofs.

Need help?
If you have more questions don't hesitate to ask.
The VIP Shops are equipped with live support assistance.
If an operator is online that can help you, you will see an overlay in the bottom right corner to chat with us:
[Image: livehelp.png]
If you don't see the overlay, please ask your question in this section or in the Administrative Help and Support section.

Why VIP Shops?
For one, they automate the process.
Secondly, income from the VIP Shops is needed and used to keep this Community alive.
Your choice of which amount is considered a donation and enables you to be threated as a VIP.
Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.
Ta ta ta tam *click* *click*

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