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See the introduction topic of VIP Shops to get started:
If your question isn't answered in there, see below:

Can i transfer/gift credits to other accounts?
Not on all servers yet, but we are working on that. We are currently testing with Resurrection's VIP Shop:
You can already see an "Account Number" on your profile.
The transfer of credits to other accounts will be based on that.

Can i transfer/gift credits to an other server?
Once transferring credits to other accounts work on the same server, we will see to make it possible cross-server.
You can already see a prefix in your "Account Number" like RES, TW, GW, CNR.

Can i transfer/gift loyalty credits to an other account?
No, loyalty credits will always remain on the account where the credits were added from.
For the simple reason that loyalty credits are linked to donor ranks, which are or could be "consumed" on the original account.
No exceptions will be made.

How many credits will 1 euro give me?
1 euro = 100 credits.
We know you don't like math, but you just have to multiple the amount in euro x 100 and that is the amount of credits that will be added to your account.
To see how much dollars or an other currency you need for that, you'll have to see the current value of your own currency.
For example you can check here how much dollars it costs for 1 euro:
Go to it's homepage to check for other currencies:

I did not receive a confirmation mail, what do i do?
As noted during registration some free email services like gmail, hotmail and live do not let the confirmation mails pass their spam filters.
If you have trouble activating your account, you can contact us for help by making a topic or use the live support.
If you do so, please state in what server and your ingame nickname.
Technically a confirmation mail should arrive within a few minutes after submitting.

I can not charge money in my onebip.
You can try the link (Add credits) in the VIP Shop, choose Onebip, enter the amount of credits you want and it will take you to Onebip.
Log in there and follow the instructions of Onebip.
If you can't add money to your Onebip account, the reasons may be:
- you are not 18 years
- your cell phone provider/contract is not supported
- your country is not supported by Onebip
If those reasons are not the case, we can only suggest to contact the support of Onebip.

Do i need a credit card or can i use a credit card?
Paypal supports several debit cards like VISA, Master Card, American Express, ...
You can use paypal if you want to use VISA for example.

What payment methods are supported?
Paypal and Onebip are the current automated ways to add credits in your VIP Shop instantly.
Additionally you can use a normal bank transfer, but only for considerable amounts, contact us for details.

I don't have the loyalty credits of a bought or traded account.
We do not transfer, edit or manually add loyalty credits
If you bought an account, you bought it as is.
We're not responsible for the sale or trade (as mentioned in a previous topic) and will not bear the extra administrative work on it.

Still have questions? Contact us.
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(30-07-2014, 21:35)jalalgrand link Wrote:plz send me cridit plz to my account vip chop namber account Removed
You need to buy the credits and don't tell ur vip shop number to anyone..
Can u add "Mobile Payments" to add VIP credits?
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