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How to buy VIP Shop credits with Onebip ? Check here ! (Tutorial)
Hello dear COD5 Community players, in this topic I will take you trought buying credits with "Onebip" .

Lets get started :

Go to this link please and open an account :

Now please go to any COD5 Vip Shop link :

Once you are in the any VIP shop you want to get credits click this button on this picture :

After we got in the process of geting credits pick this button :

Then when we picked the "Onebip" pay metod, we gone add some things from this picture :

After we finished with the procces of the "Onebip" account info then click :

"Next" (In down right corner)

We are almost done with the buying a credits ... After we press "Next" ^ we will get this picture: 

And just press this button again :

After we pressed the "Onebip" button you will get this screen :

 Onebip Email And Password
(Type the info from the screen)

When we finished the step of "Onebip Email and Password" we came to this procces of sending the money to COD5 Community :

( Note : Always check your balance, to make sure you have enough for your credits... you can find your "Balance" on top right corner )

And the final step to get your credits, you will get this windows after pressing "Buy Now" button:

And you will get your CODE and the NUMBER on wich you gone send that code via your phone (SMS)

Note: After you send the message you can check your process of sending money to the COD5 community and to refresh your VIP shop account after you finish the buying .

NOTE : All blue colored letters are the links to the pictures and some COD5 things to make you tutorial more easy to understand.

Thank you for reading this, hope this will help you .


COD5 Administration Team.
[Image: lambo_c5.gif]

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