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How to create VIP Shop account ?
Hello dear members of the CODE5 Community, today I will lead you trough the tutorial on "How to create VIP Shop Account?"

Ok so let's begin :

First of all please, make sure that you have vaild EMAIL address, and why ? It's becouse you will need it in procedure of creating a VIP shop account, I will explain more about it later.

Ok, so I will take LSCnR as example in this tutorial, and my name would be "Tutorial_Purposes" .

So if you are new member in the Community or in server and you want to donate on LSCNR and you dont own a account there, you should go in-game and create your in-game account. ( Remember to always remember your In-game name and Password, it would be also need for this registration )

[glow=blue,2,300]After you created your in-game account, we go and pick the LSCnR VIP Shop.[/glow][glow=red,2,300] You can find VIP Shops here : VIP Shops[/glow]

Now we open the LSCnR VIP shop, and we get redirect to another site. You should see a black window, and inside that window it should be writed " UserName" and "Password" .

So we write in "UserName" your in-game name, and in "Password" your in-game password.

Example : Username : Tutorial_Purposes Password : tutorial123

After we finished the step above, we got another one but this time new window. This window will request your EMAIL address.

As I stated at the beginning of this tutorial, you need "VAILD" EMAIL so that means you need email in wich you can login to confirm your account.

So after we typed email and pressed confirm, we go to your email account.

Ok, VIP shop confirmation message should come in few seconds, after all if you cant find it in your main inbox, check your "SPAM" AND "JUNK" folders in your email account.

So after you find it, hit the confirmation link, after that you will be redirected back to VIP shop, and then you can login into your VIP shop account.

And this is the end of the tutorial, I hope you can understand it, if you cant then go and make a ticket here : VIP SHOP SUPPORT

If you are having problems with "how to purchase credits", go and read my other two tutorials here :



[b]Hope this will help you.


CODE5 Administration Team.
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Nice topic, should be sticked
Which E-mail provider you are using ?

Must read this:
Man , if I have G-mail account can i create VIP SHOP account ?
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(19-03-2017, 02:03)fl1k Wrote: rip our most helpful admin Sad
(02-04-2017, 00:12)RaJJawwi Wrote:
(19-03-2017, 02:03)fl1k Wrote: rip our most helpful admin Sad

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(24-07-2017, 22:01)[Oussama] Wrote: Nice Topic

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(18-08-2017, 03:47)[HULC]Hernan_Laura Wrote: Nice topic
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