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V8 Public Changelog!
What's new on V8?
- Completely new, dynamic script made from scratch.
- Incredible stability on the gameplay. No more server-sided lag issues. Lagging means it's your own internet connection now.
- Server's systems are made in a more efficient and performance-friendly manner.
- New advanced control panel that can be used by admins and players.
- Higher levels can now easily control the server features including bases, maps, teams, weapons, classes and much more by using the Control Panel without the need of a scripter which results in quicker updates.
- New, realistic, lag-less maps that are FPS friendly as well.
- Freshy new colors on the chat, the dialog boxes and login screen.
- We can now add/remove any server vehicle within a few seconds by using some commands ingame.
- New VIP Shop.
- Admin level 7, 8, 9 and 10 have been added.
- New login screen.
- Capture spree system has been added.
5 spree: 4 scores and 4000$.
10 spree: 6 scores and 6000$.
15 spree: 8 scores and 8000$.
20 spree: 11 scores and 11000$.
Killing a player who's on a 10+ capturing spree gives you 3 scores and 3000$.
Killing a player who's on a 20+ capturing spree gives you 5 scores and 5000$.
- Hydras and hunters can now be found in all bases.
- Added one command that can control every movable object such as the Rusty Bridge gate, /toggle.
- Briefcase is now called "Ammo Box" which explains the reason of replacing the "briefcase" object with the "box" one.
- Removed the Operator position and replaced it with a Stage on level 1.
- Donating for the Operator position feature has been removed.
- Server is now more newbie-friendly. New helping messages have been added for this purpose.
- Nevada plane has been added in every base with the ability of throwing bombs by using CTRL at Pilot class only.
- You spawn with 2 Pain Killers for owning The Hospital for your team.
- You get a little text on your screen showing the car name you've just entered.
- A new login screen has been added.
- News box has been reworked and improved. New design and colors.
- New designs and textdraws.
- Money transfer limitations have been changed. Money limit has been increased to 500000$ and cooldown has been decreased to 25 minutes.
- You no longer need the Embassy to change your name, can be changed ingame and still costs 500000$.
- Added the ability of adding Flaps to your Maverick using /hg so you can easily carry some people on it.
- /Truckbomb feature has been added to Demolisher class on Taliban team. You will need to get the "petrol truck" that can be found in Taliban's base.
- You can now get more armour on spawn once you achieve one higher rank.
- Duel arena has been changed.
- DJ position can be given to normal players now.
- Achievements system has been reworked and it's now more advanced than before. New achievements have been added. Can be seen by using /myachs.
- Donor features have been reworked. New features have been added.
DRANK 1: /dcc /dammo /ddildo  /yes /votekick
DRANK 2: /dnos /dhy
DRANK 3 /dskin  /dheal /dsanchez /dtime
DRANK 4: /dboat /dweather /dprestige /dheli /boost, /fr, Donor class
DRANK 5: /dbike /dcar
- Maps are now more realistic and martial. Every map you see is made like that on purpose and has a historical story behind it. European base for example.  
- New commands have been added, can be seen through /cmds.
- Some bases have been moved, e.g Latino base.
- Some zones have been moved, e.g The Hospital.
- Classes have been reworked in which some weapons were removed/added.
- Removed the Terminator class.
- M4 has been added to A/D deathmatch.
- Anti passenger seat abuse system has been added.
- New maps that are dedicated for events only has been added.
- When an admin teleports a team for an event, the whole team gets 1 skin (either one of these skin ids: 230, 53, 32) which is up to the admin to decide.
- Sniper class now requires 300 scores.
- Tank HP has been lowered to 3000.
- Added a new ability: Tactical Insertion; you can acquire it by getting 5 killing spree, it makes you able to set your own deploy point for once by standing at the desired point and using /tc. This will make you respawn on the plotted point (for once only).
- Capturing a zone gives you 3 scores instead of 5, helping a teammate in capturing gives you 2.
- New team: United Nations.
- A new class has been added to Taliban team; Saudi Arabian Trained Pilot. A class that has the ability to drive different types of planes and explode them anytime he wants using CTRL.
- Taliban team has been improved and is now more of a suiciding team. Suciding cars that can be used by multiple Taliban classes and the petrol truck that can explode have been added.
-  Headshot protection has been added on certain vehicles which means you can no longer headshoot someone driving one of these vehicles: rhino, fbi-truck, swat truck and enforcer.
- New class has been added on every team: Demo.sp with the ability of planting bombs by using LCTRL+Y.
- Spy Mission system has been added. A mission for spy class which is basically stealing a briefcase (not the weapons briefcase) from an enemy's base and get it to his base so he gains some score/money.  
- Rustlers can throw bombs now by using CTRL at Pilot class only. Don't worry, the bombs are not over-powered!
- The Military Crate has been added. A box that gets dropped somewhere on the map, taking it gives you 2 scores and some weapons for yourself and your team. The box gets dropped again after 28 minutes of finding it. The cooldown has been added in /times.
- New rank has been added: Platinum. A rank that needs 50000 scores to be achieved. A new command gets unlocked once you achieve this rank on all classes: /rarmour. This command armours you and your nearby teammates by 50%. 3 minutes cooldown.
- Kill spree system has been reworked. Killing sprees have been given names now:
3 killing spree: "Killing Spree!".
5 killing spree: "Kill Streak!".
10 killing spree: "Rampage!".
15 killing spree: "Dominating!".
20 killing spree: "Wicked Sick!".
Whatever spree you achieve of those, a message appears on the news box like: Abed is Wicked Sick!
- A minigun has been added to every base. This minigun is located on a certain area. To you use it, you will have to stay within the range of that area. 500 ammo and a cooldown.
The purpose of this feature is protecting bases from heavy vehicles and on-foot baserapers. We also have the SAM Trucks to shoot an aircraft down. We should not be seeing any more complaints about baseraping now!
- Removed some capture zones.
- Removed the Protect the President (ptp) event.
- Removed wadafa island.
- Added a chat for the DJs, /d [text].
- Added an anti advertising system.
- Added new zones:
1. The Submarine. A moveable Submarine that has a huge effect on the Nuke system. Can be found on the north east of USA base.
[Image: jfBZ5Bd.jpg]
2. The USS Santy. An aircraft carrier. Can be found on the north east of USA base.
[Image: qS9Vwew.jpg]
3. The Missile Base. Involved in the Nuke system.
[Image: rTkwsmt.jpg]
4. The BattleShip. A ship that can throw bombs on bases. Damage is calculated by how far from the targeted base the ship is. More realistic and war-like.
[Image: 7hIDDue.jpg]
There are still 5 or even more new capture zones, go ahead and check them out yourself!
- Sam trucks have been added on every base and some capture zones with the ability of shooting any nearby enemy aircraft down by using CTRL.
- Nuke system has been reworked and is now more advanced than before. More can be known by using /nukehelp.
You have to capture Area 51, Submarine 9920, and The Missile Zone.
Then, go to Area51's nuke room, pick up the skull icon and pick the team you wish to launch the nuke at its base.
Missile's arrival takes time depending on distance between Submarine 9920 and the targeted base.
The missile travels at 80 units / second from Submarine 9920 which is basically more realistic.
- New DeathMatch stadium has been added, Tanks DM. Which leaves us with 3 DeathMatch arenas added on the server.

This list does not contain every single new feature V8 currently has, I've absolutely forgot to add some but that's all I recall for now.

How does the United Nations team work?
This team is an ally with the teams Europe and USA which means United Nations players and USA/Europe players are considered teammates. This also means Europe/USA players can not shoot and kill United Nations players and vice versa, otherwise they get automatically killed and lose 1 score. This team consist of 2 classes only, Peace Keeper and Doctor. You spawn with full armour and HP no matter what rank you are at.
PeaceKeeper: has weapons to shoot anyone except Europe/USA players.
Medic: can heal Europe/USA players only with the command /aidstation. Get in an ambulance, use /aidstation which will mark the ambulance on the map and make it unmovable. Any USA/Europe player that goes near the ambulance gets some health. Doctor gets paid for each heal and an achievement gets unlocked.
A new command has been added, /allybase or /abase. A command that allows U.N players to spawn in USA or Europe base so they give a faster help. 5 minutes cooldown for this command.
USA and Europe players can still shoot each others, they are not allies.
Heart Heart Heart
Well not exactly. You have the first ban in V8 Wink.
Apart from that, very nice.
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Cycle your life. It's one big ride afterall.
Here since 2013.12. #BT #SF/CTC #1915. Ex RR lvl2.
Steel frame, fixed gear, no brakes. No fucks given.
Life starts where your comfort zone ends.

great job guys!!!!!!
-I'm not allowed to use such an unprofessional signature as an admin(edited by a lvl 5+)-
V8 yooo
great job guys love you
GreaT Work....
[Image: Black_Islamic_Flag_of_Al_Shahadah.jpg]
Awesome, this is the kind of stuff you don't see on any other server, all we need now is a massive advertising compaign!

Btw, which car can you spawn using /dcar?
good job lol. people who keep whining will have to back the fuck off now xD
too sad that terminator class got removed , why not applying Wymia's suggestion and getting it back?
(03-02-2018, 20:05)[UNX]Royal Wrote: Awesome, this is the kind of stuff you don't see on any other server, all we need now is a massive advertising compaign!

Btw, which car can you spawn using /dcar?

a modified sultan, you'll like it
This is some next level shit, hands down to Rocky and Dust!
sf.germanwings  - shitposter in chief

i got more in my cs go inventory than most of you idiots made
Add Break Dance it's Better Than /dance
Like a New cmd /bdance ??
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Great job!!
[Image: respect]
Banned more than 1.2k fuckers,"showoff"

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