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Forum Games?
- Forum Lottery
[Image: OHm6DECDQG6Yz5eNDmZRHw.png]
[Image: CYqbwJNCSmGU_KFvicIU3Q.png]
[Image: qXtGYc2-QUCjbQiRL4y_Qg.png]

There's more games, but I'll think about it depending on the response for the lottery first.

So, what you guys think?

*Doesn't require you to spend actual $$$ or buy forum currency. There's different ways to earn forum currency without spending anything.
do i get nudes ?
[Image: xd3.png]
Okay, I'm in it Smile
In Alex we trust, sometimes
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why not
though, you could as well give actual use to forum currency then Tongue
such as buying custom titles or hiding yourself from online lists
you see these things in many other games as well, not vip but it feels like
[Image: tbMzGxl.gif]
Cycle your life. It's one big ride afterall.
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Sure thing.
[Image: lRe8ift.gif]
Sure thing.
can you like make it real dollars to make it more interesting?
[Image: aiwflyy.png]
(13-02-2018, 22:05)[C5]Borli Wrote: can you like make it real dollars to make it more interesting?

You can steal money from other members.. So if you wanna play that game well.... Suit yourself Cool
gambling is not good for you kids
kebabwave 育いょ
[Image: giphy.gif]
Instead forum-cash, give CnR/RR Vipshop itens
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(14-02-2018, 02:12)[C5]OnweD[FTA] Wrote: Instead forum-cash, give CnR/RR Vipshop itens

More will be explained on what the forum cash can be used for.
gambling lol im in
i am in
I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But it's only me, and I walk alone
Count me in.
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