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Resurrection V8 official release!
(12-04-2018, 23:06)[C5]TuniZv Wrote: Great!
[Image: WPp3eeP.gif]
[Image: y18Ns4u.png]
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Great news!
[Image: 65MrpFR.png]
(12-04-2018, 23:22)[C5]BlackMask Wrote: هاف فن اول؟ استحي ع حالك

ياس ا هاف ناو Blush
Finally lol....
Jk, gratz, good job guys!
[Image: fKJahKU.png]
[Image: siggy222.png]
Well done! Hope this affects the community as a whole to an extent that could lead to the long-waited revival.
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[Image: DMNq36Q.png]
Consider it a part of your appreciation and work on announcing this as much as you could. Get your friends to it.

PTP event might be added back with lower prizes in later updates (v8.1) but I do not promise anything.
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(13-04-2018, 14:13)Abed Wrote: PTP event might be added back

I beg of you, no!
It just disrupts/interrupts normal gameplay

#ptpsucks ( even though you'll catch me playing j.i.c it's added, lol )
[UNX] Commando (7)  -  [NSC] Manager/Leader (8)  -  [ARF] Major (4)
[Wv] Exalted Veteran (3)  -  313 New OG (1)

Here since 2/4/2015
Finally ..

Great '
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