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V8 is now live!
ohh gj
o_o Nice
[Image: BYbkXK5.png]
7 years later, here we go.

Wish I had the money for a mic right now to grab a first impressions commentary, and I wish i could just skip school today and PLAYYYYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY Big Grin
First 5 mins on the server looked ok, I'll be happy to enjoy V8, help you fix any bullshits and help you to develop it further with my suggestions.
Thanks for your efforts @everyone involved.
Just put the server on hosted tab!!!!!!!!!!
why players is not increasing in v8
[Image: yxi9SB3.jpg]
Have fun all!
Would have loved to join.. but urgh, them lessons for the exam.
I'll make sure to try to sneak out and get in Smile
Anyhow, much much thanks for the development team who were able to get V8 onboard. Now this has inspired me to get back anf play again and I'll be keen on doing so. Without further ado, congratulations.
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[Image: DMNq36Q.png]
its not on hosted tab apparently
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(20-04-2018, 10:20)Beasthian Wrote: its not on hosted tab apparently

It'll be added asap.
[Image: WPp3eeP.gif]
[Image: y18Ns4u.png]
"Through us, the powers of chaos are harnessed and exploited."

Why i cant join 2 server now?!

(20-04-2018, 07:21)[POL]Wymiatacz Wrote: 7 years later, here we go.

Ha-ha))Vspominayutsya tvou sloBA:" V8-ebanniy mif")))),-Heyjelu,CBepwulocb)))
welcome to new life
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Very nice
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Oh, okay.
[Image: lRe8ift.gif]
good Smile

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