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Resurrection V8 official trailer!

Enjoy watching at 1080 quality.
You did a great job, shame I couldn't help.
Holy shit now thats some next level stuff.
Great job german, epic as always ♥
Great way to advertise our Server otherwise great & professional editing, thanks germanwings and others.
Trailer was expected to be longer but I didn't want to let you guys wait more.
Me and froggy06 will be working on making tutorials of all the new features which came along with v8!
sf.germanwings  - shitposter in chief

i got more in my cs go inventory than most of you idiots made
Stay tuned! Wink
Done pretty much with sa-mp.
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Great job german
[Image: original.gif]
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daamn. if this is not good enough to adv v8 (if spread properly enough), then nothing is.
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Cycle your life. It's one big ride afterall.
Here since 2013.12. #BT #SF/CTC #1915. Ex RR lvl2.
Steel frame, fixed gear, no brakes. No fucks given.
Life starts where your comfort zone ends.

Nostalgia, dayum so cool.
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(22-04-2018, 22:36)Cougar Wrote: daamn. if this is not good enough to adv v8 (if spread properly enough), then nothing is.

Well done.
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Really a great job.
[Image: fKJahKU.png]
[Image: siggy222.png]
Great job!
Well done fellas! *claps*

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