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Poll: Open source? Sell? Or get a scripter and fix things?
You do not have permission to vote in this poll.
Hire a scripter and fix things.
36 45.57%
Open source it.
22 27.85%
Sell script to the highest bidder.
21 26.58%
Total 79 vote(s) 100%
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Resurrection v8 script to open source?
N V M !!
(17-07-2018, 10:52)Abed Wrote: I don't rly remember you talking about the open source beside the conversation we've had about the other community becoming an open source.

[Image: UvvaD5P.png]

This^ was right after your resignation Luke.

[Image: Y0Z2gNF.png]

[Image: tgAtlZu.png]
(17-07-2018, 22:53)Colgate Wrote: removed

I see what you did there
It's a bit too early to open source it.

There is no rush.

I completely agree what Rocky said.
I do want to buy the script
[Image: counter.php?oshery]
[Image: tgAtlZu.png]

U know? Mw* after making their GM open sourced, all those who are using ultra-h shit was copycating the gm and u think u will get scripters in the row u will share it? there is no scripter for mw* atm otherwise the opened it since 2 months...
You better try to improve the script and not post it publicly.LSCNR have been my favorite server but also i love this community.Nobody took care of the LSRCNR and that's why the server is destroyed.Same situation with Ress server.I'm disappointed.But anyway good luck!
[Image: sEvSmXR.png]

Barbarosa AKA. Hobit
CODE5 Player Since #2011!
Left Community
(18-07-2018, 05:55)[C5]JS7457 Wrote: It's a bit too early to open source it.

There is no rush.

I completely agree what Rocky said.

RUSH has been here since 2011, thanks.
"Through us, the powers of chaos are harnessed and exploited."

Yea sure, sell what others worked for and spent years to release it you gready fucker.
(18-07-2018, 15:47)Letonia. Wrote: Yea sure, sell what others worked for and spent years to release it you gready fucker.

Who tf are u to use leto's name ?
Real Veteran
Or lets merge in with anotha community ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[Image: eGLh88L.gif]
I'm against, everything explained Rocky spent 2 years working hard on that gm while you were taking care of your family and just watching him working alone and now after he's done with it you're trying to open source/selling it, nope we don't need that you guys better search for a good solution.
no...what the hell, countless hours, heck, countless days have been put into v8
i'm against making it open source
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(18-07-2018, 16:28)[C5]RadioActive Wrote: Or lets merge in with anotha community ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Support from my side, others don't have CnR, but I doubt they would accept, they could be afraid of loosing players.

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