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Poll: Open source? Sell? Or get a scripter and fix things?
You do not have permission to vote in this poll.
Hire a scripter and fix things.
36 45.57%
Open source it.
22 27.85%
Sell script to the highest bidder.
21 26.58%
Total 79 vote(s) 100%
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Resurrection v8 script to open source?
(15-07-2018, 14:24)ExoSanty Wrote: who want be admins say me (moto 46, /teleport, /givemoni...)

(15-07-2018, 14:24)ExoSanty Wrote:

(24-07-2018, 12:36)Dust Wrote: Quit your bitching about abed, Im acting cm, which means when im nott being cm, im the server manager. Abed does nothing that doesnt go through me first. Other than that, he does what I tell him.

Yeah, his actions aren't the issue. His cancerous, arrogant attitude is.
But C5 died before Abed's arrival.. He's not the one to blame for sure.

Resurrection player since 2009
Close this community already. It's no point. C5 should just promote other communities now.
im search realion of peace
keki do you love me ?
i support all
don't be afraid of anyone if you havent done anything wrong.
Our members have made a total of 1,036,926 posts in 50,916 threads.
Oh right, i made this topic.
Guess i'm getting old after all being the full 34.
Seeing the continuously degrading English being used here most aren't a generation Y millennial, lel.

188 replies
Wasteland indeed.

Lots of replies has nothing to do with what was asked and the sour ones among us find a good chance to spread their oders in and talk out of their ass again.
I remember now why i got away from here for.

My name Jeff.
Now you can quote something that i actually said ^

(15-07-2018, 14:24)ExoSanty Wrote: Let me know here if it's worth my time making it open source or sell it for a small price.
Guess i have my answer.
Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.
Ta ta ta tam *click* *click*

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