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C5 Scripts For Sale
Script Resurrection V7: €100 (Warning: messy code)
Exclusivity: €249 (only possible until someone buys the above)

Script Resurrection V8: €150 (Optimized and efficient code)
Exclusivity: €299 (only possible until someone buys the above)

VIP Shop: €39 (compatible with LSCnR and Resur v7)

Control Panel v3: €39 (compatible with LSCnR and Resur v7)
Control Panel v4: €49 (compatible with Resur v8, UNFINISHED!)

Contact me on discord for more information.
Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.
Ta ta ta tam *click* *click*
RIP C5 brothers.

I actually hope someone buys it and hopefully makes something out of it, but doubt (x).
[Image: aiwflyy.png]
You'd better try to return the V7 system yourself than sell the server.
Daaaamn, community was already gone an year ago and you put this stuff on sale just now, couldn't have waited some more until I finish my exams and get a job? Big Grin

Jk, such a shame the potential of v8 was so wasted, but oh well. No way to fix it up now unless you dedicate lots of time to the community again, which I know you won't so at least make a buck out of it. Wouldn't bother to buy it anyway, and wasn't v7 shared already? lol

Anyways, cheers exo, and despite my constant complaints sometimes (caused by me wanting all the best for the server) I still thank you for providing me with this awesome entertainment from 2010 to 2018.
I wish all the best to you Smile
Andd,who cares ? Who will buy a script for 250€? Actually i have the v7 but i dont do anything by it i mean, its shared already.
good luck who ever buy it, so many memories Sad thanks for all the people that kept it alive

actually selling it for that price someone might actually do something with the script

some donors have donated more than the script is worth
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Left staff having 1600+ bans
so this is the official end, I shall guess. farewell people, I can say with no exaggerations that i spent a great amount of my years in this community and they surely were awesome. I will never forget the people I got to know here and the memories I got from this place, thank you for making this possible.
Regards, a constantly complaining retard who raged cause he wanted the best for the server, and wanted others to enjoy it as much as he did when he joined.
Cougar, 2013.12.-2018 summer
[Image: tbMzGxl.gif]
Cycle your life. It's one big ride afterall.
Here since 2013.12. #BT #SF/CTC #1915. Ex RR lvl2.
Steel frame, fixed gear, no brakes. No fucks given.
Life starts where your comfort zone ends.

in game money?
shameful to see this happening.
can't forget the great memories. spent a lot of time in here,
Sorry to say, if anyone learn programming or even rent a programmer will cost less than buying it. be more realistic.
Thank you for the great memories.
UN - SF - CTC - BT - ST6
United we stand, United we fall.
[Image: DMNq36Q.png]
I do agree for that, loved the moments in code5 and i wished it will be alive again but here we are i wish the best for those who'd buy this and make it to be a good server Smile
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Requiescat in pace
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(21-05-2019, 17:37)DreamyMonster Wrote: Thank you for the great memories.

                                                      [Image: giphy.gif]
1 year as staff member. 
[Image: ataturk_cover_by_beyzaselim-d8hfntq.png]
Took a long time.
CODE5 Former Administrator
December 2009 - July 2018
Good luck, CODE5!  Heart

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